Karishma Tanna said that Sushant Singh Rajput is always being Judged for Doing Television . Many big producers
gave films to the actor.But because of Nepotism the films are taken back from him.

-26th August 2020.

Karishma Tanna On Sushant Singh Rajput Case:- 

I personally don't believe there is an outsider and insider world because if that was the case, Karan Johar would've never taken Sushant Singh Rajput in Drive. Because,they are worth it because I'm in that position of casting somebody from my family, so why will I not but that doesn't mean I'll not give equal oppotunity to the outsider or person who is not from my family, I'll definitely do that somewhere that thing still exist, with lot of people actually that she is a TV artist and exposed a lot on TV we want some younger and fresher face that treating of 14 hours, 12 hours big vanity and small vanity sweet VS normal room in a hotel all these, disturbs me sometimes I feel wow strong, women oriented film so this is a perfect role for me, and I never use to get it firstly Congratulations for Khatro Ke Khiladi of course it's been a roller coaster for you as well and I've already congratulated you thank you but before we move I want to know that moment when Rohit Shetty announced that Karishma Tanna is the winner for the 10th season Khatro Ke Khiladi, how did it feel, Did it feel surreal Totally, Bhavna, totally this is what I have been waiting for long time because everytime I've come as a first runner up, and my name has never been taken this is first time after such a long time,that I got to hear, 'and the winner is Karishma Tanna ' how did your mother react because I know your mother really wanted you to do this she was the one to push you either that you have to do it so when she heard that you're the winner how did she react she was very happy, she was praying morning, evening , everytime and I can't thank her enough I read your post which was posted today and it was really nice to read that because I remember most of the struggle to have spoken to me back when we did the interview that line which really struck code with me was where you wrote all the things told to you perhaps that this is the world how will you survive you should get married, you should get secured job, but you chose acting over all of that today do you feel validated I totally do that because I think I took a right step by entering this industry because nobody believed in me that time forget believing I don't come from that kind of expose family where girls are okay to work in this industry because that time I'm talking about 17- 18 years back where they all thought this industry is dirty and it is bad and we won't have any class in this and it is going to be very scary so you rather don't do this, you rather do a job get married if you want to luckily being a Gujarati family , I never had a pressure of getting married they told me this can be of the option if you want to so luckily till now also my mother, father till now never pressure for marriage I was very sure I want to do something on my own and I was very sure I want to act and try at least, and let's see where it takes me and my mother supported with me that then there was no looking back so after that those people who were against and looking at me Oh, she came to become an actress those people only started respecting me so I saw complete 360 degree attitude change in them, that was my success like you mentioned lot of people do believe that this industry is not safe and good struggle of course happens in every industry, but here it is more tough as an outsider and you know the entire debate going now outsider, insider where do you stand in this Sushant Singh Rajput got very good opportunities throughout from the time he shifted to TV to films, he has only got the best opportunities not even once he worked on a normal production house he has worked with all the A list production houses and all he A lister heroines so I wouldn't even debate on the fact that there is an outsider or insider there is about who is good in acting who fits the role and who the producer wants it's as simple as it gets so I don't personally believe there is an outsider and insider world if that was the case, Karan Johar would have never taken Sushant Singh Rajput in Drive, never Rajkumar Hirani sir would have never taken him in PK so I don't believe in outsider and insider it's just that from TV to jump into Bollywood the struggle is little more but I don't mind enjoying that struggle doing that struggle if there is no struggle, then there is no fun in success so I've never got that easy success or I'm not even expecting and be it about nepotism I always believe that if I'm an ace producer and if I've a sister tomorrow and her son is good looking and he wants to act and I see him fairly acting well then why will I not give him the job, he is my sister's son I mean she is my sister's daughter or sister's son so I would definitely give first job to my family because A, they are worth it and because I'm in that position to casting somebody from my family that doesn't mean I won't give equal opportunity to the outsider or to the person who is not from my family I'll definitely do that but nobody hold against me that I'm only doing Nepotism you only give opportunity to your industry and family that's totally wrong people can talk whatever they want to you had very good career all Tv as well did you ever feel like there was some sort of favoritism happened with me Bhavna, I have never felt that I've ever been someone's favorite if I was , I would have won reality shows way before back then this after a long time like I just said of struggle after lot of struggle and after doing 3-4 couple of reality shows I have won, [coco] I have won this one so for me favoritism doesn't exist because I have got nothing without struggle in this industry so I definitely don't believe in favoritism because you say as much as you want about TV TV is very very fair and one who deserves they get according to me people in film industry don't even dim you they don't think of you as alead actor in a movie that she is psych someone she has worked in TV .TV over films it's definitely there definitely that mentality is there that she is a TV artist she is more exposed in TV how can we take her, we want a fresh face we want one girl next door, we want someone who haven't worked before all these hang ups and clauses are definitely there but I've suffered that also but now if you talk about it presently now the mind set that we have, everyone's attitude has changed now I think TV artist are taken more seriously they are taken more talented because they've realised if we have to say one page monolouge we can say it immediately in 5 minutes with confidence so now we are taken seriously but still but having said that somewhere that thing still exist with lot of people actually she is a TV artist and she is exposed too much on TV we want a younger and fresher face but who are we to decide right or wrong, who are we to correct because we say how much ever by the end of it producers put money in it they put money in crores now who can change or decide their mindset either you spend your own money, and be your own film producer so I won't say they are wrong or right but I'm only not liking the fact tat TV artist are treated as TV artist I don't like that I don't like the fact that on TV film actors are judges and host and TV actors are taken as contestants TV actors have to work for 13-14 hours where as film actors have to work for 5-6 hours or 10 hours or whatever they are taken more into consideration that disturbs me why because when I compare it to Hollywood in Hollywood TV actors are given more seriously and given more respect because they are like sensation there I don't understand the mentality of our fraternity if TV industry give respect to themselves, then we can go till Hollywood I feel they deserve if nothing then equal chance yeah, chance respect that treating of 14 hours 12 hours big vanity small vanity sweet VS normal room in a hotel all the disturbs me there are certain rejections that you fail when you want to jump from TV to films because like you say she has worked in TV we don't want them certain rejection that you face did you had doubt of self doubt at that point everytime I had this phase where I was only doubting myself did I do too much TV, am I not pretty looking do I act well, am I not a good actor I have only doubted myself I have taken lot of I would not say councelling I have taken lot of advice from my real friends not from industry but my college friends and my sister and my mother and I use to doubt myself I don't think I'm pretty looking or I'm a good actor or I don't think so I made right decision entering into TV world I could have struggle more in films maybe because I started my career with TV so I was always doubting myself that's not a good thing to doubt yourself because actor has to feel good and proud about what their achievements are or what they have done in past of course we all make mistakes e all take some bad projects sometimes which is part and parcel of our career but that self doubt is a bad thing self doubt came when I was getting rejected by films I use to think, oh cop role mind blowing for me it is a perfect role oh the hero is tall so it is good for me I will get this role sometimes I feel it's a strong character women oriented film this is perfect for me and it never get it why because I have started my career in the TV world so the break that girl gets that gets to a fresh girl \ then it took me years and years to understand this is how this industry is either you get out of the industry or you get into the depression or you come out as a winner and me positive I chose a 3 option I've to be in this industry I like this industry let me see my struggle m highs and lows and if I sing into that depression also I've to pull my self up otherwise I won't last long in this industry and i started positive side started trusting myself I started feeling and self councelling myself that failures are fine even if I deserve this role I didn't get it it's okay maybe I've to struggle a little more yeah that's how I survived in this industry for so many years and touch wood doing well after Sanju is there any change are there movie offers coming in good offers so I really expected a good change after Sanju if you ask me and I really thought that even if I had a small role , I'd a very impactful role I was written in after all the film critics everywhere I was mentioned people did speak about me , I had a good song in the film impactful role everything was there but for some reasons I didn't get the kind of response I was expecting again I will say it broke my bubble but every passing year I have learned a lot from this industry I have learned everything is not fancy, everything is not hunky dory now I have done Raju Hirani film so now I will have lines of film of course I am a girl I'm a actress I tend to get into that bubble world again when i get something good, that gain it breaks than again I come into reality so that journey has always happened so I always keep my ground, I always stay grounded and I know what it takes to get this success, because it's a hard work success I have never got anything easily in my life before acting, after acting, during acting so after Sanju I thought if I get films very good if I get acting oriented offers very good on't loose hopes maybe something better is coming my way an that's how you have to keep talking to yourself otherwise this industry you go insane you loose the plot you wouldn't even know you loose the plot after Sanju I didn't get success of course i got lot of appreciation from lot of people be it casting producers, be it A lister producers everytime I go for Diwali parties or events they all appreciate me but what I saw from it at least they appreciated me at least they noticed me fine I will get it when I move ahead that's how you've to balance your mind and balance your yourself otherwise you go mad in this industry.