BlogSp0t Home Contact us About us Privacy Disclaimer Learn Basic C Programming Language in Just 10 minutes. Ready to start with a Beginner's Tutorial for C programming Language.In this you will know about C language. What Is C Programming Language? c Programming Languag e:- C  Is Very Simple Language.It is first language developed by dennis Ritchie in 1965 at bell Lab.It is used to develop softwares like operating systems,Databases and Compilers. Image Source : What is Header Files:- A header file is a file that contains function declaration and macro-defination for C in-built library functions.There are total 19 header files in the standard C library.And All the files have .h file extension. There are two kinds of header files.One is the files that the developer writes and Second is,the files that come with your compiler.  Example of C header Files are:- 1)  #include<stdio.h> 2) #include<conio.h&g


BlogSp0t Home Contact us About us Privacy Disclaimer How to create a login page of a website in just 5 minutes. An Easy Free Ultimate Beginner's Guide  to Create login page in just 5 minutes. Are you looking for an ultimate guide for  how to create a login page  ? Then this is the right place for it. My free guide on this blog will show you how to create a responsive login page and attractive login page for our website. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing good.Today, i am there with my first blog. My First blog is all about login page of a website.Then I am there for you to help you .So,let's Start with my first blog.By getting started,First you have to know What is login page? What is login page of a website ? Login page is that type of web page which enters you in the website .First,It requires user identification and authentication .It is performed by entering the username and password by simply sign in and sign up.Login Provide the